Isle of Portland

Isle of Portland, a gem in Uk, a part of Dorset like no others. Portland is absolutely stunning.

Isle of Portland is thought of as an island although this isn’t wholly correct in the true sense of the word, as it’s reached over a causeway from Chesil Beach. This plate of Jurassic limestone is tilted from north to south. If you are on the elevated northern side of the island you are rewarded with stunning views across the Chesil, Portland Harbour & Weymouth.

Jurassic coast UNESCO world heritage site

Isle of Portland is a central part of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site on the Dorset and east Devon coast, important for its geology and landforms. Well, which means Dinosaur were living here 185 million years, and you might be able to find some fossils for yourself on the island, if you are lucky.

isle of portland



Fossils and Portland Stone

Portland stone has been quarried on the island for many years and is used in prestigious buildings all around the world including London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, the United Nations HQ in New York and of course the Olympic rings located on the island. Quarrying still continues on the island although Tout Quarry is now disused but has become a sculpture park. Take a walk around the site and discover more than 70 sculptures that have been skilfully carved into the rock face and Portland Stone boulders whilst enjoying some wonderful views.


Unique Wildlife

The cliffs of Portland Bill are home to nesting auks (including a few puffins) and are regularly patrolled by peregrine falcons. The fields are full of interesting flowers in summer and insects, especially butterflies, abound.

Portland Bird Observatory where they do regular ringing of birds and some remarkable species have been trapped and ringed here, especially in migration periods in spring and autumn.

You can also find a number of British primitive goats at the East Weares part of the island. Others than that, some hedgehog in the garden, if you are lucky.


Explorer’s island

Portland is an explorer’s island; walking, cycling, rock climbing, fishing, diving, kayaking, sailing, paddling and abseiling for the sporty and museums, castles, lighthouses art and sculptures for those looking to discover a bit of history and heritage…and all on a tiny island!


Portland lighthouses

Isle of Portland boasts 3 lighthouses, one of which is still working. After climbing up Portland Bill you can marvel at the views, however, if you decide against going up the lighthouse, there’s still plenty to see from Portland’s craggy rocks.


One of The Best Sunset

No joking, Portland has one of the most beautiful sunset scene in the world. Although you can enjoy it inside The Gift House, best spots for the sunset are:

1)Chesil beach in front of The Cove House Inn

2) Restaurant in The Height Hotel


Historical Island with Stories

Portland has been inhabited since at least the Mesolithic period (the Middle Stone Age). Also, there have been railways in Portland since the early 19th century. It opened in 1826 and ran from the quarries at the north of Tophill to a pier at Castletown, from where the Portland stone was shipped around the country

And lots more of historic site for you to explore.

Pictures of Portland