Visit Weymouth and the Dunkirk filming scene in Weymouth Harbour!(must visit)

Children and Walk

Visit Weymouth!

Weymouth Sandy Beach is great for kids, you can find all the kids activities available, horse riding, funfair, kayaking and many more, it’s like a carnival. Beside, rides in Alexandra Gardens weymouth are fantastic, only £1 each ride!

Weymouth Harbour is great for crab fishing. Its a popular location for crab fishing, you can get fishing kits easily at nearby shops. Besides, film Dunkirk were filming at Weymouth Harbour, take a good walk along the harbour too.

Weymouth High Street great place shopping for souvenirs, and a cup of good coffee.

Many Restaurants in Weymouth served fresh seafood, there are too many nice restaurants in Weymouth,  its easy simply choose one and will taste great!