King Barrow Quarries

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King Barrow Quarries is not just a disused quarry. Old quarrying methods have left behind a wealth of accessible geology including the Portland and lower Purbeck limestones formed in the late Jurassic, 135 – 145 million years ago and fossil forest, fascinating industrial archaeology and lots of places for wildlife. More information and a map can be found in the trail link below.

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Walk to King Barrow Quarries from The Gift House

Around 25mins walk from The Gift House (oneway)

From The Gift House, walk down to the hill toward Cove House Inn through the path in front of the house (by the entrance of Victoria Garden). After that walk along Chesil Beach toward Quiddles Cafe. Then follow Coast Path sign until you reach the top of the hill, walk to The Height Hotel, entrance of King Barrow Quarries is not too far away The Height Hotel.

King Barrow Quarries

Download map of King Barrow Quarries below

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Great for wildlife
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King barrow quarry
Limestones formed in the late Jurassic
Fossil Forest