Terms and conditions

By accepting the booking you agreed to rules below:

Security deposit

By accepting the terms & conditions when booking, you agreed to pay up to £300 for any major damage. You won’t be charged unless we files a claim within 7 days of your checkout.


Strictly pets are to be kept away from living room and upstairs, as they are with carpets, rugs and soft cushions etc. Pease also clean your pets hair, smell and stuff before leaving as we do not charge extra for pets

The occupancy

Extra charge applied for each guest has stayed than actually booked without approval from us 


Use the fireplace in the living room only. Do not leave fire alone without supervisor. Please extinguish fire before sleep

Damage found

The Gift House deserve the right to cancel your booking if serious damage found inside the property during your stay


No smoking in the house, no parties and events in the house


Please put the key back into the safe key box on checkout

Access to the house

Access code and key to the house is only accessible during your stay.